Everyday I encounter people who are living in pain. I see them trying to escape the pain, by hurting themselves more, and hurting others, blaming themselves for problems that the world has created, accepting unfair lives because this is the way it is, telling themselves they don't deserve more, waiting naively for an external miracle, degrading their expectations to the tiniest of stolen pleasures, gradually becoming dead like stones hurting silently, rationalising, acting "normally", laughing cynically, thinking they are alone, when they are so many.

Sometimes, I hope they all scream at the same time, so earth could hear how many of its inhabitants are wounded. I don't know how to make life painless, but I know that we need to talk about the pain, bring it to the light, expose it fully, even embrace it, we need to understand our emotions, and learn how to play with them, but above all, we need to act, to change our world, so that it is a bit less cruel, because it's not ok to just endure and adapt.